The Board of Directors of the Georgia Theatre Conference currently plans to host an  in-person convention at Southeastern Technical College in Vidalia, October 14-16, 2021. 

While Georgia has seen a recent spike in transmission, we also see expanded participation in opportunities to receive the vaccine, and (for now) it appears that many school systems will be opening for in-person instruction in the coming weeks. 

You're a
layer in the Entertainment Onion!

See you  in Vidalia!


As we grow closer to the convention dates, we will provide information concerning safety practices and protocols that we will ask of all convention attendees.


We realize that every theatre and every member of our organization face their own challenges in these difficult times, but we are hopeful that you will be able to join us in the Onion Swamp!

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GTC Bylaws
Click here for a copy of the Georgia Theatre Conference Bylaws (revised 2017)

The GTC Nominations Committee presented the following slate at the August 21 Board Meeting:

President - Brenda Ito
Secretary - Krystal Kennel

The slate will be read at the opening business meeting of the convention on Thursday, October 14. 
The election will be held at the closing business meeting of the convention on Saturday, October 16.   

In addition to the offices noted above, the Community, Professional and Secondary School Theatre Divisions will hold elections at the annual convention to advance recommendations for Chair and Vice-Chair of their respective divisions.  

2021 Convention Pricing

(No Price Increases for 2021!)


Individual Adult                                                                           $ 70

Individual adult registration affords the member full rights and privileges, including attendance at convention and voting rights in organizational elections.  


SETC Professional Screening Auditions   Register at

Individals interested in participating in the SETC Professional Screening Auditions DO NOT register on our site.  You will find basic information about the screening auditions below on the right side of the screen.  Click here to go to directly to the SETC website for additional details.

College Student (Non-SETC Screening Auditions)           $ 55 

This registration applies ONLY to students who are NOT participating in the SETC Professional Screening Auditions.  (If you are planning to participate in SETC Screening Auditions, click here for more information.)  College registration provides full convention access, including access to college transfer auditions, design competitions, and other activities at the convention.  This level of registration does not include voting rights.


High School Student                                                               $ 40 

High school student registration includes attendance at the convention, participation in college placement auditions and festivals, but does not include voting rights.  All high school students pay this fee, so festival participants will not be charged an additional festival fee.

Festival Entry                                                                         $ 150

Festival Entry registration includes membership and registration for the director of the festival play, plus a festival participation fee.  The director is a full member of the organization with voting rights. This registration applies to all play festivals at Georgia Theatre Conference, including the Community Theatre Festival, the Middle School Theatre Festival, the Ray Horne Secondary School Festival, the R. Lynne Wooddy Secondary School Festival, and the Theatre for Youth Festival.

Play Festival Participants          Cost varies - See information below

Play Festival Participant registration is required for each member of the cast and crew in a registered festival production.  The cost of the festival participant fee varies according to the festival in which the registrant is participating.

     Community Theatre Festival Participants                                          $ 25 each

    Middle School Festival Participants  (Grades 5-8)                             $ 10 each

   Ray Horne Festival Participants (High School Registration)                $ 40 each

    R. Lynn Wooddy Festival Participants (High School Registration)      $ 40 each      Theatre for Youth Festival                                                         No Additional Fee*


It is important to remember that each member of the production team - cast and crew - is to pay the Festival Participant fee. 

*In support of the mission of the Georgia Theatre Conference, the Board of Directors have never charged participants in the Theatre for Youth Festival a participation fee. 

Individual Event Festival Participants                                 $ 10 Individual Event Festival Participation is an add-on activity that is available to secondary school and community theatre participants.  The individual must be registered for the convention. Additional information can be found on the appropriate Division webpage.

College Exhibitors                                                                 $150 College Exhibitor Registration includes membership for one representative, plus convention registration and an organizational membership which includes a six foot table and power in the convention exhibit hall, and access to our college placement auditions.  A registered college exhibitor has full voting rights in the organization, and can hold office.

Commercial Exhibitors                                                       $100 Commercial Exhibitor registration includes a six foot table and power in the convention exhibit hall.  Commercial exhibitors are not members of the organization, do not have voting rights, and do not have access to convention activities.

Chaperones                          Cost varies - See information below Chaperone Registration is available for middle and high schools whose administration requires additional adult supervision on school trips.  Chaperones will have limited access to convention activities based upon seating capacity, the festival in which the school is participating, and other concerns.  

Secondary School Chaperones                                                                  $ 25 each

Middle School Chaperones                                                                        $ 10 each

Important:  Chaperones who want full access to the convention, voting rights, and eligibility to hold office must register as Individual Members.

Lifetime Membership                                                             $260

Lifetime Membership in the Georgia Theatre Conference is currently $260.  Lifetime members receive a discount of $45 off their annual convention registration.


If you have questions, or desire more information about convention registration, email Executive Director Mary Norman at


Review the important information below!


Registration Opens:                                                                  Sept. 14, 2021
Registration Closes:                                                                    Nov. 11, 2021
Submissions Adjudicated:                                            Nov. 12-Dec. 9, 2021
Candidates Notified of Pass or No Pass:                                Dec. 20, 2021
Early Bird Deadline, Convention Registration:                     Jan. 20, 2022


All applications, videos, and initial screening payments must be complete by Nov. 11, 2021.


Early submission is important.  A cap for submissions may apply.




Contact Marci Duncan,
SETC Auditions Committee Chair
Email Marci



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