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The mission of the Georgia Theatre Conference is to encourage and coordinate a close relationship among community, educational, and professional theatres in the state of Georgia; to aid in maintaining of the highest possible quality of live theatre, and to promote and facilitate education in theatre.

Founded in 1964, we are a membership organization that holds an annual convention for approximately 1,200 individuals who are actively involved in theatre. We were founded as - and remain - a volunteer service organization.


Membership is open to all individuals and groups who desire to participate in the work and programs of the conference. Constituents’ interests include professional, academic, community, and secondary school theatre as well as theatre for youth. 


Convention attendees range from children to high school students to working-age professionals to senior citizens.  It is a diverse community that includes children and youth as performers and audience members.  The entire Georgia Theatre Conference community shares a common interest and commitment to theatre.


Like any volunteer organization, we are only as strong as the sum of our parts - and we hope that you will be a part of us! If you are interested in getting involved, or just want to know more about our organization, we recommend that you reach out to Lucy Lynn Bryson, our vice-president for membership.  You can email her by clicking here!

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