About Georgia Theatre Conference

Convention Pricing Breakdown

Individual Adult


College Student

     $55 plus $20 audition fee if applicable

High School Student

     $40 plus $20 audition fee if  applicable

Middle School Festival Participants (5th-8th grade)

     $150 per team plus $10 per student  

     (Includes Director’s membership & registration plus festival fee.
     Chaperones are $10 per participant.

Festival Entry

     (Includes Director’s membership & registration plus festival fee

     $150 plus appropriate membership and convention registration
     for each festival participant as indicated above.  Community
     Festival participants pay $25 each.

College Exhibitors     

     $150 (Includes 1 College Rep’s membership & registration plus Organizational Membership fee)

Commercial Exhibitors 



     $25  [Secondary chaperones must register as Individual Adult Members ($70) in order to receive full access to the Convention.  Individuals registered as Secondary Chaperones will have limited access to convention activities based on seating availability and other concerns.]

2019 Registration

(registration will open Thursday, August 29th at a random time

Your registration information will remain in the standby queue until your fees are paid. When payment is made your registration will move into a secured festival slot.

GTC 2019 Workshops

If you would like to participate in GTC 2019 by offering a workshop, please fill out the following form:


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