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Professional Theatre Division

The Professional Division seeks to support and serve the professional theatre community in the State of Georgia. The division administers the Georgia Repertory Ensemble of Artists and Theatres program, and sponsors a national new one act playwriting competitions.  We encourage professional participation in GTC performances and workshops.

2020                                         HER LAST EXPEDITION by Daphne Mintz

2019                                         FAITH by Lee Osorio

2018                                         CLUTCH by I.B. Hopkins

2017                                         TELLING THE BEES: THE JUST NOW by Gabrielle Sinclair

2016                                         FALLOUT by Laura King

The Georgia Theatre Conference 2021 New Play Award Winner

MADE ME A MATCH by D.A. Mindell

DA Mindell - Headshot.JPG

D.A. Mindell is a playwright from Atlanta, Georgia, entering his senior year at Emory University. His work has received recognition from the Artistine Mann Award in Playwriting and the David L. Shenton Award. Past readings and opportunities include the Lenaia Playwriting Festival, the Queerentine Fringe Festival, the Horizon Theater New South Young Playwrights Festival, and the Kennedy Center’s American College Theatre Festival. In his plays, he uses themes of Judaism, queerness, and disability - all identities with which he has personal experience - in an effort to build wider empathy and understanding amongst the greater community.


Previous New Play Award Winners


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