Secondary School Division

2021 High School Playwright Competition

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Because we recognize that many high schools, and perhaps many college and universities, continue to have restrictions on travel, the Secondary School Theatre Division is opting to pursue online auditions again this year.  The process is a little different from last year.  You will be asked to upload your audition video to an unlisted YouTube channel, and send us the link along with your completed audition form.  We will post it to a private YouTube channel that will be accessed only by College Exhibitors and Producing Partners.  Like last year, access to the auditiion videos will be sent early so that recruiters can view them prior to convention and reach out to arrange in-person callbacks during the convention.  For more information, and to get started with the audition process, click here!

At convention, a portion of Saturday morning will be set aside for a Secondary Student/College Faculty Social, followed by in-person call-back opportunities for individuals who can attend.   



  • Auditions are open to High School Juniors, Seniors, and College Transfer students.

  • H.S. students’ academic standing should be verified the school counselor.

  • Auditions are only viewed by college and university representatives.

  • Regrettably, auditions are closed to the general public.



When you register for the 2021 Conference, the student will receive an email with the online audition form and additional instructions.


The audition time limit is 90 seconds. Students can choose to perform an acting audition in one of two formats: a 90 second monologue or 90 second monologue/song combination. Monologues and songs can be from any era and style. If the monologue/song combination is chosen then the song must not exceed 32 bars.


 TECH auditions require a student to submit a portfolio with a sampling of the student’s work in design and execution of tech elements of a production​. 

The submission deadline for 2021 has passed. 

The deadline for 2022 submissions is
May 20, 2022.



Often referred to as the "SETC Festival," the Ray Horne Festival is held annually at the Georgia Theatre Conference. The top performances advance to represent Georgia at the the Southeastern Theatre Conference annual Festival of One Act Plays. Entries in the Horne Festival are limited to 45 minutes, bare-stage-to-bare-stage.  The festival is named for longtime Northside, Warner Robins Theatre Director Gerald Ray Horne, one of the earliest leaders of the Georgia Theatre Conference, and a major influence in educational theatre in Georgia and throughout the southeast. 


The R. Lynn Wooddy Festival is a One-Act play festival held annually at the Georgia Theatre Conference. Because the primary purpose of this festival is to help schools prepare for the annual Georgia High School Association One Act Play competition, entries have a 55 minute time limit, bare-stage-to-bare-stage, and follow GHSA rules.  The festival is named for R. Lynne Wooddy, who taught math at Dublin High School for most of his career, but also directed plays there.  He was a founder of the Georgia Theatre Conference and Georgia Thespians. 

Click here for the Lynn Wooddy Rules
Click here for the Video Recording Rules (New for this year!)

Click here for the GHSA Score Sheet


First introduced last year during our online convention, the Individual Events Festival features three catergories:  Dramatic Interp, Humorous Interp, and Duo Interp (Dramatice or Humorous). This festival follows the Literary guidelines of the Georgia High School Association.

Click here for the Individual Event Rules

Click here for the Individual Event Score Sheet

All three festivals are adjudicated and participants receive feedback. Top scoring productions, IEs, and Individual Acting Awards are awarded during the Award Ceremony at the close of convention.