The Secondary School Division, in addition to hosting the annual Festival of One Act Plays, hosts College/University Scholarship and Admission auditions to help connect the best Georgia High School and Junior College theatre students to college programs throughout the country.


Audition Form (PDF or Word, click below) 








  • Auditions are open to H.S. Junior, Senior, and Jr College students.

  • H.S. students’ academic standing should be verified the school counselor.

  • Auditions are performed for an audience of college and university representatives. Also present are the accompanist and time keeper who will direct start /stop times.

  • Regrettably, auditions are closed to the general public.




  • All audition applications should be mailed to

Mary Norman,

GTC Executive Director

CCAC 401 7th Ave.

Moultrie, Ga. 31768


Deadline is OCTOBER 1, 2018



  • Having applications in by the deadline helps us create and post an audition schedule at the start of convention.





  • USE CURRENT FORM (found on the website). Using previous forms will result in having to resubmit your application.

  • USE A CLEAR, WELL LIT PHOTO – The original application gets photocopied in black and white to create AUDITION PACKETS for college reps. Dark pictures end up looking like a black space on the application

  • WRITE LEGIBLY – Make it simple for reps to READ your information and increase your callback chances

  • OFFICAL SEAL - Application should be imprinted with an OFFICAL SEAL (REQUIRED)





            The audition time limit is 90 seconds. Students can choose to perform an acting audition in one of two formats: a 90 second monologue or 90 second monologue/song combination. Monologues and songs can be from any era and style. If the monologue/song combination is chosen then the song must not exceed 32 bars. GTC provides an accompanist therefore a cappella singing and accompaniment tracks are not permitted. Students should bring an "accompanist friendly" copy of the music.


  • ACCOMPANIST FRIENDLY MUSIC – Since the accompanist will be working with you for the very first time and briefly planning the performance, it is important that all editing (start, cuts, end, etc.) are CLEARLY marked.

  • Photocopies of music should be printed in card stock or affixed it to a similar hard back (i.e. the inside of a file folder) to  prevent it from falling over during performance

  • a planned explanation to the accompanist regarding tempo and other special performance at auditions.

  • A cappella singing and accompaniment tracks are not permitted.




  • TECH auditions require a student to submit a portfolio with a sampling of the student’s work in design and execution of tech elements of a production

  • TECH students get half of an 8 ft. table to set up their portfolio/display inside the audition room. College and university representatives will peruse and evaluate portfolio prior to listening to the student speak on their work. Tech speaking auditions begin at 9:00 a.m. portfolios/displays must set up by 8:30.




  • CALLBACKS will begin a half hour after auditions conclude.

  • CALLBACK SHEETS will be posted in a location close to the Audition room and will indicate the location and time.

Secondary School Division

Did you know that auditions are INCLUDED with this year's registration? 

Rules and Regulations for One-Act Play Festivals

Rules and Regulations for the Ray Horne (SETC) Festival

(Note, awards at SETC competition differ from that at GTC)


Rules and Regulations for the Lynn Wooddy (GHSA) Festival


Winning festival productions must notify the GTC board by December 1 if they do not intend to appear at the SETC Festival.  If they are unable to participate in the SETC Festival after December 1 they will not be permitted to particpate in the GTC festival competition the following fall.

Click the PDF below for SETC Secondary Festival Rules!

GTC High School Playwright Competition

The Georgia Theatre Conference is pleased to announce the 2020
High School Playwright Competition.

Student Eligibility:
In order to be eligible to win the competition, a participating student must be…
- enrolled in high school (grades 9 – 12) during the fall semester of the year in which the contest occurs;
- registered for the fall convention of the Georgia Theatre Conference by September 10.

Play Eligibility:

Submissions must be…
- an original, unpublished, unproduced one-act play (no translations or excerpts);
- no more than 35 pages in length;
- in Times New Roman, 12 point font; and
- formatted as a play (see SAMPLE SCRIPT FORMAT IN THE PDF BELOW).

Submission Procedures:
- Prepare two PDF versions of your play.
          One should be named the title of your play – dash – your last name: Othello–Shakespeare This           file should have a complete title page that includes the title of your play, your name, your                     school and your theatre director’s name.
- The second should be named the title of your play – dash – BC:
          Othello–BC. (The BC stands for “blind copy” This file should include a title page that has ONLY           the title of your play on it.)
- Email your two copies of the script to: no later than May 15, 2020, copied to your high school theatre director;
- Ask your director to “reply all” to the email, confirming that he/she endorses your submission, and that you intend to register for the fall convention.

Contact Stephanie Slusser, GTC High School Playwririting Competition coordinator at


Sample Script and Competition Rules - click the pdf below

Tech Challenge

Rehearsals aren't just for actors! Form a tech team of your best and compete in our tech challenge. Events include: Light Hand and Focus, Costumes: Quick Change, Knot Tying, Leg a Platform, Drop Fold, and Props Shift.  Rules will be posted as soon as they are available. 

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